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Insanity Asylum ReviewIn this INSANITY ASYLUM review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this popular new home fitness program by Shaun T. The INSANITY ASYLUM workout is the latest Beachbody workout to hit the market, and it might very well be the most intense to date…

If you thought the original INSANITY workout was tough, then prepared to be absolutely blown away with INSANITY: The ASYLUM.

This is fitness star Shaun T’s just-released baby and it makes no apologies about the sweet torture it will put you through during the next 30 days. With this grueling workout, the original INSANITY will seem like a warm up (and it is, in fact) compared to the intensity that this newer version will put your body through.

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INSANITY ASYLUM Review – The DVD Workouts

Asylum ReviewUsing sports training drills, Shaun T takes you through six DVD’s of intense training exercises, with detailed instructions explaining every detail of what you’ll be doing everyday.

DVD Disc 1 is composed of intense cardiovascular workouts that improve speed and agility. The vertical plyometrics workout on DVD 2 strengthens your lower body and allows you to jump higher than ever before. Relief exercises on Disc 3 build longer and leaner muscles and increase flexibility. DVD 4 develops power by training with weights and resistance while a cross-training workout on Disc 5 pushes you to the limits. The 6th and final DVD takes core straining exercises to the next level for explosive strength.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM really does pick up from where it left off with INSANITY, combining the components of a complete fitness regimen in forty-five minute to hour-long sessions (the flexibility exercises are only 25 minutes long) that produces ripped abs, better cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and improved flexibility in only a short month. By employing training techniques used by professional athletes, Shaun T urges you to constantly dig deeper and find that world-class athlete deep inside of you that is capable of going through this hardcore workout. Tailored to increase your speed, power, and agility for game-day readiness, the INSANITY ASYLUM workout will provide the athleticism needed to compete at your optimal level.

INSANITY ASYLUM Reviews – The Equipment

INSANITY ASYLUM ReviewsUnlike the original INSANITY workout where no special equipment is needed, performing INSANITY: The ASYLUM requires the use of certain exercise tools which add to the intensity of the program.

The agility ladder, for instance, which is used extensively in the speed and agility exercises helps greatly with focus and also offer the most versatile set of exercises to develop quickness and gameness. The speed rope is also another tool that is used in the workouts, and while it might seem a bit simplistic, the speed rope actually works with the most amazing set of footwork exercises to make you move quicker in the shortest time possible.

All this being said, however, each individual who plans to take on the INSANITY ASYLUM workout should be physically fit to begin with. This is not a workout for the beginner who is looking for a program to start their weight loss journey. Rather, the workouts here are tailored for those who have stayed true to the INSANITY program or some other intense fitness regimen and have developed the stamina and endurance needed for more grueling training sessions. It’s vital that you’re in tip top physical form before attempting to take on the rigors of this new workout.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Review – Final Thoughts

Hopefully this INSANITY ASYLUM review has painted a realistic picture of what you can expect from this supercharged workout. Shaun T is a household name when it comes to effective home fitness programs, and he does not disappoint with INSANITY: The ASYLUM.

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  1. Matthew Ren says:

    I just need an extra ground ladder so that my wife can do the workout with me, we already bought an extra speed roope but the ladder we found at our local sports shop is way too long.

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